Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy happy Valentines Day!

You know you have the perfect husband when he is so excited for the surprise he was waiting for you he can hardly stand it! So he tells you over and over how much you will love it, acts out what your exact reaction will be because he knows you to a T, and ends up being spot on no matter how hard I try to hold it in! Zachary is perfect! That is all I have to say. :) haha ok just kidding I want to tell it all!

So! We started a tradition of me spoiling Zachary Valentines Eve, and then Valentines is all his to play with. We'll see how that works out once we have kids :S but for now it's really fun. I surprised him with one of his favorite meals and some treats with a big tasty twist. A lobster tale! Steamed in our rice cooker, haha. He loved it and I was delighted that he liked it so much. His card was cute to if I may say so, haha. I had to get him two though! I have decided that my Father-in-law had the right idea when he gives his honey more than one card. I could not choose! So he got a bit of a spicy one that night then I had a sweeter fun one for Valentines Day. We had a lovely romantic evening.

For Valentines Day Zachary had some big plans that he was really excited about. I got off of work a little early and he picked me up all spiffed up and handsome (sigh) and took me downtown to a place called Tellers. Awesome! It's a really old bank converted into a fancy restaurant and it was amazing! There was a server with a waxed handle bar mustache big teeth and suspenders! It was like a black and white movie :D so fun. Our food was great and the experience was a blast, neither of us had been to a fancy place like that before, it was kinda fun, though half of our forks and such were still clean at the end, hahaha oh well.

He teased and taunted about my surprises the whole evening. "When you see it you are going to do this!" (some ridiculous excited face and girly gasp) "I will not!" Then he shows me and what do you know, it was like watching a replay. He was laughing so hard he was rolling. "You're going to do it again in a minute too" which I denied now that I was prepared and tried to hold it in....nope, next surprise got the same reaction. Boy does that man know me or what??

 Zach gave me some chocolates by Christopher Elbow, an artisan chocolate guy in Kansas City. They are gorgeous! Oh my goodness every one is lovely and delicious and it was about impossible to eat them! The fall leafy one was whisky walnut, and the purple swirly one was lavender caramel, those were our favorites though we loved them all! Yeah, I shared, though it was against Zach's will, it's more fun that way! I got a few goodies like the German hippos I like as well, what a spoiler! Other with the darling card which had me giggling and tearing up (that guy can write!) he also got me Skyfall, which I loved in theaters. A snugly night at home with luxurious treats, perfect. :)

That was our Valentines Day :) I adored every minute and the evening reminded me of how truly awesome Zachary is. I chose wisely. Haha! We enjoyed our time together and enjoyed realizing how well we fit together and compliment each other. We have a lot of love in our life and we plan to keep it that way. More pictures later, love you all!

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  1. So fun! What a sweet hubby! I need to try some of those chocolates when I'm there, sounds delish!