Friday, February 8, 2013

Hello Hello everyone!

We are here playing house in my Aunt and Uncle Andersen's place while they are in Utah. We're pretending not to be Greeeeen with envy! So I figure that while I have a day or two of internet bliss I should update this poor neglected blog!

We have now been living here in Lawrence Kansas for about 6 months and can't believe it! Half a year? Weirdness! It feels like we just moved away and we still miss everyone like crazy (In Utah and everyone else scattered across the globe) yet we are all settled and it feels like home. We absolutely love our apartment. It is open and lovely, we keep it pretty spic and span cuz after the chaos of work and class, we like to keep it our little oasis. Just don't look at the laundry pile in my room. :S Sorry Aunt Leslie, we brought a basket....or two. Haha! The best thing about our place it the Green! It is a jungle people, a jungle. We were delighted when we incured minimal casualties from the move out hear, and the humidity and sunlight have made the survivors go hog wild. We just did a great divide of some of our more crowded pots and we're swimming in green stuff. We breath pure O2 in that place, it's good for the studious brain of Zachary Adamz.

We love our cute town as well. It is hilly and green and darling, not nearly as flat and spooky as expected. Lots of fun and cute local places, and the down town strip called "Mass. St" is a blast! We have made lots of friends, both single and couples(most from our student ward) and rarely go a day or two without a hang out session or a get together somewhere. Be it be a cooking nights, game nights or we exhausted who's having the best dinner for us to mooch on night, we trade. :) We have a group that we rotate FHEs hosting with, Thursday is Gals/Guys nights and we pretty much party all the time! I can't believe how lucky we've been in the friends we've made, we love them so much and truly are blessed with the wonderful people we are surrounded by.

Zachary is doing great with his school work! He studies constantly, has soooo many awesome ideas I just bubble over with pride sometimes and his professors love him! He is really enjoying school more than he used to now that he can work on what he likes most and has so many big plans for his thesis, paper, books and beyond. Good luck sweet cheeks! He's a busy beaver and never does anything halfway. We just splurged with some Christmas money to get him an Awesome desk for his study, he's happy to finally have a good spot to work. This semester took off with a whirlwind and he's already up to his eyeballs with papers presentations and one opportunity to write a chapter for a book (yay!) but he gives it his all and does splendidly! He is also has a job at the KY Map Library (perfect) which can get a little dull and dusty but he gets a lot of study time and has fun going through thousands and thousands of map. I often get a random text with one ridiculously named city or an another. "We HAVE to go there!" it's a lot of fun and he's really doing great. He has a lot of fun with the guys in the ward as well, he finally has someone other than me to play crazy games with! A relief for us both :) He is amazing at helping around the house when I fall behind with how busy I get with work (a lot of over time and out of work events lately) and is the sweetest husband I could possibly hope for! He constantly makes my day with little here and there surprises and sweet nothings that I still just beam with how awesome he is. I'm so happy that it makes me tear up to think of how lucky I am to have him and how much he blesses by life. We're as in love as ever :), which is good since we're not yet 2 years into this long hall haha, and play and laugh and sing our way through all the tough stuff as well as the grand. He was just called last week as Sunday school president and is a fantastic teacher. We love our ward by the way! In short, he's doing well and I love that man to bits. Ok gush over I promise! Sorry guys, it's for me to read 50 years from now.

I am absolutely loving my job! I work at a pretty big optical clinic that is the place to go in Lawrence. All the doctors are fantastic, the teams are fantastic, the manager is tough but fair and an absolute blast! The goal of the business to to be exceed excellence in quality and customer service of course, but most of all to make the work place somewhere we want to be. If we're going to spend the majority of our waking hours there, our bosses want us to be happy because that will transfer to our customers. And boy to they keep us happy! We have an absolute blast, we all have a great connection with each other and can work together well, but we keep the serious professionalism that makes our business thrive. And we are so busy it makes our heads spin! That's how we like it. I worked customer service for 6 months and I am now training as an optician like Mom. After a few months of that I will train as a doctors technician/assistant and then I will be fully trained to work at their new location in Baldwin City. I've been sent to one conference in Wichita (a group of us went for 2 days and it was a blast) and I have another next weekend for 3 days. They really believe in having a staff that is well educated and they really invest a lot in developing professional and functional employees. Do they know how to do it right or WHAT? Anyway, there are no plants involved so it is not permanent by any means but it's one of the best jobs I've ever had. It's also the hardest by a long shot, and sometimes I go absolutely crazy it's so busy and complicated but we make work like home and we love it.

The cat is fat. Our dear King Tootinkattin has become a true house cat. He is fluffy and lies around all day, usually flat on his back with his legs in the air. Hahah we love it! He has always loved water so he hangs out in the bathroom and whines at the door when you are in there with out him, but his esteem lessened a little a few weeks ago. He usually sits on the edge of the tub while I take a bath and dips his tail in. This time he leaned too far over and fell in! He was flailing and scrambling and I was laughing so hard I couldn't help him so by the end he was soaked to the bone and I was covered in scratched form is panic and Zach was stunned holding a dripping Webster in a towel unsure of what to do next! Hahaha he's avoided the tub for a while. Anywho he is spoiled by every one who drops by and they all love him.

Ok trying to catch up is making this way to long of a post but really quickly here is a list of special evens of late! We saw The Hobbit, Skyfall and  Les Miserables, the latter two of which were amazing!! Zachary also liked Lincoln which he saw with a friend. Zach finished his first semester and enjoyed his first ever spring break (Darn BYU) but still kept busy. We've spent a lot of time with the Andersen's having a blast with all the fun we get into. Lisa, Matt and Ellie come down too (They are here now sitting on the couch! Here looking for a house, yay!!!!) so being close to family has been great as well.

Ok ok, Zach needs the computer so I gotta run, but we love and miss you all and you are all in our prayer. See ya!

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  1. Sounds like your having a blast! Miss you guys! xoxo