Monday, March 21, 2016

Ready or not WE ARE DOING THIS!!!!! Posting I mean.

I, Lauren, hereby swear to write at least one newsletter post every month for my remaining life to document the events of the Adamz family for posterity and historical record. STARTING NOW!

I have had a life long, constantly nagging, heart rending problem. I am a terrible journalist. Which is hilarious because I am one of the most nostalgic people you could  possibly meet! I want to remember everything and anything that could possibly be meaningful, and I have a terribly hard time letting go of things that could remind of me said meaningful things. Therefor, when I do write in my journal, every entry is a novel. What if I forget where that date was or that sweet thing he said, or heaven forbid what we ate there! Since I regurgitate absurd amounts of info writing in my journal was very laborious and therefor procrastinated and therefor never completed...for months and years on end. Many would say "C'este la vie" but not me. I am haunted, tortured even, by the unrecorded memories, events and milestones undocumented. And I tell you it ends now! My mother is a currently holds the record for best newsletter keeping ever, and she has always encouraged us to continue with our children. To that I hold!

March Draft

Hello Hello Hello folks!
The Adamz family currently located in Round Rock, Texas (a cute tiny town near Austin) is doing fantastic. As far as this newsletter goes noone knows that we have...had a baby, Zach has graduated, we moved to Texas for his PhD, we live in a house that belongs to Zach's parents (heaven sent!) that we absolutely adore with great friends, neighbors and a great ward, and the aforementioned baby is now a one year old. WHAAAAAATT you say?? Yes indeed. As Raoul Silva would say, "Mommy was very bad."  At writing. 

This month has been so much fun so far! The first few days of March Franklin and I flew out to Utah for Annie's Wedding! Mrs. Prescott she was to become. She found a nice guy named Keenan, they seem to be blissfully in love, my goodness they glow! More about that Later. Julie gave us some buddy passes so Franklin and I could make it out but Zach was trapped in school :( which broke all our hearts! We'll get him out there soon. We had so much fun! Franklin loved seeing the family again, he adores Lottie and Ollie. He followed them around constantly saying "dog" or "puppy, puppy, puppy," in this darling high questioning cute! He would play with them and snuggle his face on them, we need a dog! No we don't. It was fun to see him play with Grandma and Grandpa, and the Uncle Pynes too. He seems to have a way of weaseling into hearts of family and strangers alike (which is great for getting help on a plane!), 

I got some free time with all the free babysitters around (Pirate Princess at the Hale Theatre with Dad, Granny, Leslie and Jon, and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies with Mom, which I loved). We had a blast visiting with Kelsey and her darling daughter Emerald, we signed kids' betrothal papers. :)  We managed a quick lunch with Kim, Adam and the boys when they lent us their car seat, (Thank You!) and a dinner with Caleb, Vanessa and Liam (who also showed up at the airport with a car seat. We have the best friends EVER.) which was so great. The only people we didn't get to see was the other Utah Adamzs!!!! I was hoping to spend some time with Glenn and Shannon and their pack of boys, especially to get excited for their little Princess that's set to arrive in June (I think). It was poor planning on my part,  I was planning on staying another week, and hoping to stay with them for a few days of it if they could, but flights didn't work out and we ended up going last minute the crack of dawn the morning after the wedding. :( We were so bummed! Next time we'll get to see them and their little darling. 
Speaking of the wedding! It was awesome. We left Franklin with Dad and the boys and Grandma Dexter to have a girls' night with Annie in Logan. It was my first night away from Franklin, soooooo strange but so fun! I was nervous but he was in great hands. We went shopping for makeup and cute outfits (wink wink), got the best Indian food ever in a place by a gas station, hot tubbed and did Annie's nails before crashing. It was fun to have a Pyne girl slumber party (plus Julie). The next day was the BIG DAY! Annie was drop dead gorgeous in a lace gown and flowers in her hair. Keenan's side was Coral ours was Teal and did Franklin look cute! The Sealing was perfect and their luncheon was beautiful. Lots of aspen wood and pussy willow branches and candles...lovely and so Annie. I really liked getting to know Keenan better, we had only chatted a few times, and his family seems really nice too. Later back in Salt Lake we had a dinner with the fam (Brent and Lisha and the Browers and Grandma and us) it was so fun to catch up.

After our sudden and horrifyingly turbulent flight to Dallas (a nice guy next to me asked if I was clutching the tray tight enough, I realized I was white knuckled and clinging to Franklin) we were back! Zach met us there and holy cow was Franklin excited to see him. He had been asking for "Dada" often while we were gone and it was so fun to see the two pals reunite. (ADD PICTURES!) He is a daddy's boy. 

Zach was on spring break so we have had a wonderful week of playing, spring cleaning and gardening between his's studies. On Thursday we went to Sweet-berry Farm, a fun place about an hour west in Marble Falls. It's a lovely drive through a state park. We picked strawberries, pet the horses, fed the goats, has a homemade strawberry popsicle and grabbed some lunch at the Blue Bonnet cafe on our way out of town. A perfect day! 

This one is long to get the trip and the wedding in there, but we'll be more brief in the future I hope. Before I go though I have to blurb about how fun Franklin has been lately. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is almost walking, he half crawls, half leaps between objects and can stand for several seconds before he realizes it and collapses. Most of that is thanks to Dad for training him during the trip, walking back and forth with him. He talks a TON, he seems pretty early but picks up words like wild fire. He'll learn a new word, use it perfectly for a few days, and then once he's sure he has it he gets lazy and slurs them and focuses on the new set of words. He went from perfectly distinct "book, ball, balloon, blanket, bottle..." but now sometimes it's tricky to tell them apart if he's not pointing. Lazy bum. I'll have to do a comprehensive Franklin post :) Zach wants to read scriptures before bed so I better skedaddle. Love you all! ***To be edited and added to later***