Friday, December 16, 2011

New Pictures! A yummy yummy dinner we maid and a few Christmas Pictures. We got a package from Zach's mom Cindy with lots of goodies, including some of Zachies favorite ornaments to put on our cute little tree. :D I love it! I am so excited for this Christmas, it's going to be so fun, everyone else excited?
One of our absolute favorites, Kielbasa Polska sausage sandwiches with sauteed mushrooms, onions and sauerkraut. Zach went for a bit of a sausage po-boy, but I wanted mine open face. Delicious!!!  

 Complete with a little cider in our "Inn on the Hill" glasses, from our honeymoon. Romantic  : P
Some of the ornaments that Zach's mom sent us, the orbs are family treasures that his great grandmother made. They are gorgeous! And then the famous Horse Family, a favorite of Zach's since he was little. 

Our darling little tree, now with ornaments from both of our families! Yay!

Zach lighting a few candles, I just wanted one of the whole scene.

These are stockings that Cindy made for us, they are darling! 
It is a tradition, I think most everyone in the family has one, I got mine yesterday, thanks Cindy!!!

Everyone who is traveling this holiday season, please be safe, and have fun! We love you all, Merry merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look at all of our cute nieces and nephews! I'm the oldest in our family so those seemed to be a thing of the future, but then I married an uncle of 11 and became an Auntie! I love it :D

This is Zach's parents and all of the Grand-kids, our nieces and nephews. Haha!

And this is darling Olivia and  cutie-pie Isabelle. Mary and Kina's eldest daughters. Love 'em!
What fun being an Auntie, hahaha I'll spoil them all!