Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally Settling!

Hey All,

So it has been an absurd amount of time since we have updated our blog, but I am going to try to get in the habit. We are finally getting settled in our new apartment, just a few organizational hour or two away from perfection! :) we are loving it! It's big and darling and the area is cute, the only one who isn't happy is Webster who has cabin fever as bad as I've ever seen! The poor thing just stares our the window when he isn't whining at the door or bolting down the hall only to be blocked by two more doors...I'm not sure what to do :'( but I'm sure sad about it. He has a leash and walks really well actually, but the more he's out the more he wants to be out all the time. Yeesh, we gotta figure something out. Anyway we are both liking our jobs, mine at the Lawrence Family Vision Clinic and Zach's at KU's Map Library, which is awesome! Most of his classes are professors are great, and he is making lots of connections and doing well with research for his Thesis, he has some really great ideas that he is working on getting funding for within the next few weeks. Our new ward is fantastic, we just adore them and are making lots of friends, we have weekly FHE with two other couples and rotate houses, and our first temple trip with the same clan was great! They are all very welcoming and we're having lots of fun. Living near Leslie and John is the cherry on the cake, what a blast they are! We are constantly at their place for fun and frolicing and we love them do death! You should all be jealous! :) Anywho, I'm on my lunch break so I gotta make it quick and get back to work.
We miss you all, we love you even more, and we can't wait till we can visit (wherever you are haha) and to smother you with hugs and kisses. :) Talk to you soon! See FB for pictures of the new place till I can get some on here. Later!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Things have been pretty crazy lately, I've started school, Zach just finished up the last of his graduate applications and we're having as much fun as ever. Sorry for the long post gap, we need to cook more tasty food to post pictures of! We're fatties. Actually, Zachary has been the house chef lately while I study away and he is fabulous! Hats off to Cindy for raising a son who can cook better than his wife! Almost ;)  So I have been loving life with all the delicious things he's been whipping up. Chili Rellenos last night with spanish rice and green chili sauce....awesome.

We will soon put up our Christmas news letter, until then, love you all!