Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring slowly drizzling (roaring, storming, sleeting) In

Hello hello! I forgot a lunch today so I thought I would take my break to post a quick howdy do and what we're up to. 

The last couple of weeks have been crazy! Zach is nearing the end of his semester, so he is up to his nose in papers, tests and stress. That guy sure takes after his father in that when he gets stressed, he goes all the way! He is in the middle of a 25 page paper, with me poking him with a stick to finish before Mom and Dad come to visit (helpful I know, haha) so to say he's a little nervous would be a understatement. He's doing great though! His plans and research for his thesis are going great, his ideas are awesome, his new adviser is awesome, and the classes he has been taking seem awesome when he talks about them. He is currently working out the kinks of going to a conference in Vancouver, Canada at the University of British Columbia. Sweet! It's a small conference, but all the big names in his field will be there, so he's dying to go and get his own name out there. It would be an incredible chance to meet people and find potential research opportunities, so that's our goal! It is the end of June, he would be flying into Seattle and then taking a train or ferry to Canada. I'm trying to see if I can tag along as well, but that depends on if the school will pitch in on his fair or not. Cross your fingers! :D So he's pretty excited about getting the ball rolling, despite the nerves. Keep in him your prayers, he could use some comfort and confidence in the next few weeks. He's awesome! But you know I'm the wife so it doesn't count when I tell him that. Hahah.

I have been insanely busy but having a good time at work. I recently got a promotion (which means a raise!) and have just started my first few weeks running our Baldwin office about 20 minutes away from Lawrence. It's been great! It's a little chaotic, being our satellite it's new and a little less looked after, so getting things organized has been a hoot & a half, but it's finally smoothing out this week and I can breath a little. The first two weeks I pulled almost 15 hours of overtime, plus working every weekend (that's the downside of this deal) so it's been an adjustment but a fun one. I am also doing a huge plant/landscaping project for the Lawrence office (Eeeek! Yay!) so it's been a lot to keep up on but so fun to use my planty skills. Still a plant petter, as my friends used to call me when we went for walks... "Oh look a daffodil *pet pet* it's so Cuuute!" That's me, so this is exciting. :D

We still love it here :D the town is great, our ward and friends are fantastic, we still kinda like each other a little ;) and Webster is as fat as ever. So things are good! It is what these people call spring here....I call it drowning. 75 and sunny one day, and then it's below freezing and sleeting this awful grainy hail/styrofoam mix the next! It is green and bloomy gorgeous, which makes my commute to work Lovely! The huge storms have been weekly so we've been getting good use from the storm radio Mom gave us (Thanks Ma!) but we like storms so it's been pretty fun. 

Oh oh, new addition to the family! Nope, not that kind yet. We just got a beautiful Brazilian Rainbow Boa. The awesome pet store next door to our house (next door, that's a Adamz Zoo just waiting to happen) is one of our frequent dates, so we have looked some pets just for fun for ages. Then the other day, mid paper doom, Zachary says "We are going over there and getting a snake!" With wide eyes I said "Yes sir!" and here we are :D he's awesome! Look up Brazilian Rainbow Boas, he is a bright orange with brown spots, and their skin has an iridescence caused by tiny prisms in their scales, so he has a purple and rainbow glow to him, super neat! Webster just sits and stairs at him, haha with an occasional glass pawing. He's scared if him when he's out of the cage though, you should see Webster leap away from that snake. Sissy. We have to feed him mice (yeeesh!) but we'll cross that road in a few days when he needs to be fed again, thank goodness the pet store took care of the first round for us. Picture later, if I was home I'd post one. Btw...any name ideas? 

We love and miss everyone! Congratulations to Caitlin and Grant, as well as our friends Vanessa and Caleb for their new Babies! They are darling! :D We send our love, hope everyone is well (so much for this being short) and talk to you later. 

Oh Mom, Dad....see you this THURSDAY!!! Aaaaha! :D

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