Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18th 2013
I suppose I could use my time wisely, and write a blog post!

Here I am at work, 5 minutes into my break and the internet goes down. -_- We don't have internet at home so that's when I get all my internety things done, so I was quite disappointed. I work here alone then the doc is not in the office for the day (don't tell anyone they might come get me) so I sat, I twiddled my thumbs for a bit, I drank some water, I was considering beating my head against the wall when I thought HEY I'm behind on our blog! So here we are :) Thanks to Zach keeping me entertained I had not slid down the path of boredom far enough to surpass being able to think at all, so here I am a-writing.

So, our summer was fantastic! We both worked full time so we were busy, but evenings were so nice to spend together! We played a lot, well we always play a lot but we played a ton! We spent lots of weekends up at Leslie and John's and always have a blast up there with them, we spent lots of fun evenings with friends, and we lazed about. It has been way to hot to do much outside here but we did through a few BBQs and such. Let's what are a few fun ones....

We tried our hand at our own grilled ribs! We did once in our own, and once for a large BBQ we hosted and they turned out great! Zach and I are quite the team when it comes to food :S which explains a lot that that's ok, we both have more to love, haha! Which brings me to our new gym membership. We love it! Ok well I love it Zach tolerates it but he is still really dedicated and it has been fun so far. It's gone down since school started back up but during the summer we went almost everyday and we're pretty much ripped :P or were before we went to Utah and started slacking. You should see Zach's guns (ohhhhh yeah, I like those) he's been kicking my but at about everything but we're really good at keeping each other motivated. Our personal trainer said he usually doesn't train couples, but that we're so fun working together he loves it! We have that effect on people :P hahahah ok enough of the lame we're awesome jokes. We really do have a great time though, Zach always gets me to do more than my lazy self wants to and we've been feeling better the more we go.

The fun weekends at Leslie and John's have been great! We usually spend a night or two and they always have fun things planned. Zach loves helping with the yard work (he really wants his own place I think) so he's always pruning their big trees or digging up something or other, and Leslie and I knit and chat until we feel guilty and get roped into helping. It's so nice how well Zach gets along with Danny and Uncle John, they have a good time talking and we're always laughing the time away with them. Last month we went up to Omaha to spend the evening at Winter Quarters church history sites stayed in a hotel and then went to the Zoo the next morning. SO FUN! They're such good company it's always a good time. Two weekends ago we celebrated Lisa, Zach and Ellie's birthdays together with a shrimp fest and cake, yum! We're going up this Friday for the Kansas City art festival, which was fantastic last year so we're pretty excited.

Last Saturday we went to see Insidious: Chapter 2 opening night with some friends. We had spend a late night watching the first one again before we went, so we were already pretty on edge. It was so fun and so SCARY! Good grief it was almost 2 hours of panic, it's exhausting! But it was especially fun in the theaters, with all the screams and the laughs the the holding of breath...makes it much more fun.

Zach is back in school, and already up to his eyeballs in home work, thesis work, regular work and applying for PHDs. That poor man is a trooper! Good grief he makes my eyes boggle. Psh all I do is work and some nights I'm like “eh...I think it's too hard to make dinner tonight” and he's like “Take a break babe! I only have a billion more pages to write until I'm done with school. I'm not so busy, I'll make dinner!” Ok, so I made the middle part up he never says that but with all he has to DOES still spoil me! Heart of gold my sweetheart :) giggle giggle! Two nights I a row though that I've made a GOOD dinner. Dinner gets on the table more than that, I promise, but lately it hasn't always been *cough cough* exactly a balanced meal. Pasta anyone? In short Zach is busy, and he's also the Best!

I'm working, we can skip the rest. Webster however is fat as ever (I think I say that every post) but he did get a little sick this week. He threw up about 8 times, poor thing! I felt so bad for him, to bad he's Zach's little pet or he might have appreciated my coos and soothes. Nope, he pretty much whines at me for food, then jumps in Zach's lap. -_- Grrrr, Catface, Grrr. The snake is about to shed, which means he is dry, stiff, almost white, almost blind, and not a happy camper. Hahahah poor thing! We knew he was hungry so we pried him our of his hid box for a rat but he protested. He does this thing where (while he used to let us pick him up easily) he's figured out that he can flex his body out, you know, in an O shape, into crevice of his hide box, and make it almost impossible to get him out. He's all loosey goosey... “Hi snake, want to come out!” Shooomp!...He's wedged around the border. Great. Hahahah, he's fun though, Zach especially LOVES him. If he takes as much care of our kids as that snake we set :) good to know. Our kids better look like snakes then.

Um...what's fun lately...we went for a lovely Sunday drive with the Trunnels this week to enjoy the finally cooling off weather. We took the nice country roads to Baldwin, and visited a Pre-Civil War Battlefiels/nature park. It was gorgeous! Such a nice walk.....until we came across the photo shoot of a almost naked lady frolicking through grasses in her skivvies. Haa! After making them as uncomfortable as we could they packed up their white umbrellas and chairs and got scarce. Thanks ladies for the nature show ladies :) good grief.

Well I only had a few minutes after work to finish this up. These are always way too long, yet I never put in everything I want to! I want to remember all the fun details of everything we do, but I don't keep up on posting. Oh dear, Lauren, perhaps you should fix that? I think I will!

Love you all, hope you are as happy and loving life as we are! Miss you and can't wait until we see you, which is soon for the Adamz parents, yay! :D See you soon!

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