Monday, November 28, 2011

We've been having a lot of fun cooking lately and we were thinking about making a food blog just for our own entertainment, but we'll just combine them! So we'll post some of our favorite dishes once in a while, here are some our our recent favs.
Tonight we had homemade fish and chips (onion ring bits) and tartar sauce. Delicious!

Zach and I made a trip to an awesome Korean market we found, and made this Dduk-guk (rice cake soup) and some fried Tofu. A little different but very yummy!
Making the Zach's mother's famous pizza rolls was super fun! They end up like pizza cinnamon rolls.
Zach made this cucumber, tomato, and green pepper salad, we needed to use some garden veggies. The grapefruit was perfect with the salad, it was a wonderful summer treat. 
Another one of Zach's (he makes all the cool dishes worth picture taking) it's Italian seasoned fried chicken, with a balsamic tomato salad and sliced tomatoes with french fried onion. Again, we needed to use up garden tomatoes. 
Better picture of the same. Yum! Zach is quite the cook!
What better sweet treat than a piece of wedding cake! Boo on waiting for our anniversary, it's cake! The top layer was Fun-fetti, a surprise for Zach. :)
In case you have never made fun pancakes, this is how it's done! We made these at my parents house Halloween morning, a tradition of ours. Favorite!
And the food coloring is not as bad as it looks, still yummy I promise.
And last but not least, a super delicious random Asian food night. We had rice, veggie noddle stir-fry, and a sweet and sour combination of both, with cream cheese wontons. Sooo yummy! 


  1. WOW! You guys are quite the cooks! ALL of this food is making me hungry! I definitely need to get some recipes!

  2. Haha sure! :) I need a ton of yours too, you are an incredible cook Juliebulie!